Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

It is beautiful here. I’m sitting with the sunset to my back and a mountain to my front. The water is so blue and the beaches are so white. It makes even the most chill days, like today, so enjoyable. We went diving in open water for the first time. Underwater there was a rock wall covered in coral and a drop off the perfectly resembled Finding Nemo. We were all hoping to see turtles or sharks, but no such luck. I did see, however, a 10-15 lb. grouper, which was really cool. We came up to the boat, shivering just like normal. Once picked up in a dinghy we rode to Bella Vita where we practiced man overboard drills with a fender. This lasted about an hour and half until we could come back to our own boat. When Anna said “fresh water showers”, everyone’s face began to glow with excitement. We took showers and had chicken Caesar salad for dinner (my favorite meal of the trip). As we cleaned up, Trey and I threw leftover chicken in the water. At this point, a school of 200 or so yellowtail snapper came up to feed. Fish are by far my favorite animal on the planet. I love to catch, hold and even watch fish. So these yellowtail were by far my favorite part of the day.