Location: Marina Cay

Today was a fantastic, all-around great day. In the morning we had pancakes for breakfast with Nutella! What made the morning even better was the fact that we got to sleep in until 7. After breakfast, we motored over to Great Dog Island. After we arrived, we cleaned the boat completely, which was quite satisfying because it was dirty and needed a good scrub. As soon as our cleaning session ended, we hopped into Rango and rode over to Gemini. When we arrived, we were briefed on our dive in the Chimneys. We put all our gear together and jumped into the water. We descended to the bottom and swam around for 31 minutes underwater. We saw tons of fish and a stingray. After our dive, we took apart our gear and went back to our boat. We hung around for a while. We motored over to Marina Cay, and that’s where we anchored for the night.