Location: Marina Cay

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Sevenya! The day dawned on us with the magical tune of Circle of Life and the halfhearted groans of the sleeping. The chefs put together a phenomenal meal with many artsy elements in it. The overall plating and presentation was just spectacular. We had cereal and milk today. Due to our slow start this morning, we were one of the last vessels to leave our harbor in Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda. We lifted our sails into the morning wind and started our training. Training included tacking, trimming the sail and how to make the perfect saltine and peanut butter sandwich. Almost everyone got time on the helm and the mainsheet winch. DJ Schd hopped on the aux and powered us through the last 30 minutes of our trip to Trellis Bay. Spencer and Jake gave the call to let us on our phones, and everyone rushed to the phone bag to access the lost days of social media. Some of us were almost moved to tears when we lost some of our snap streaks on snap chat. A short dinghy ride transported us to land, and we scattered to go get provisions on all the essentials including Oreos, Pringles and Coke. I think our boat is one of the healthiest in all of the fleet because one mans life supply of Pringles is two days worth on Midnatt. Keep it up team! About three fourths of us flocked to the Wi-Fi zone immediately, and the rest looked for souvenirs to bring home. The land was scattered with stray chickens, which was oddly welcoming. I grouped with some shipmates and we went to a bar and grill. I had a lovely Pina Colada and burger and everyone else got BLTs. Just in case you were wondering, the Pina Colada was virgin-just clarifying. We all called home to tell our parents how our trip was going and it was quite funny describing some of the unexplained photos that our parents had seen. All you guys need to know is that everyone is having fun. Trust me. I’m just some random guy on your daughters/sons boat. We went back to the boat and blasted some fire Hip Hop beats at Jakes expense. We refueled out water at the some dock place and then anchored in the harbor. Then came shower time!!! Dinner was tortellini with marinara sauce and some very spicy garlic bread. Cleaning was a jiff! The day finished with an enticing life lesson lecture and more Oreos. As the day gave way to night and the fiery ball was replaced with stars, our dreams brought forth much excitement. Until we realized that were living a dream, right here in the BVIs.