Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

6:00 AM, the day starts. Today was a rotation day in Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda. It was particularly exciting day because we took our open water certification written test and we experienced our first open water dive. Some of us had a brief morning dive to finish up the skills in confined water. For the others, the breakfast consisted of bagels. At around 8:00 AM we reunited ready to water-ski and/or wakeboard. After having refined our techniques, we sailed Picos, very small sailing boats for two people at a time. Capsizing and trying to jibe was extremely fun. We even managed to pull two Picos at the same time with a dinghy after that, in both cases, the sails broke down! For lunched we ate grilled cheese and at 1:00 PM, we were ready for the highlight of the day: the dive. We had become experts in setting up our scuba gear so, after a brief but focused buddy check, we dived in the water using the giant stride technique. Entering in the water was like entering into another world, where the corals took the places of trees in a rainforest. Apart from that, being able to control our buoyancy through a fluid was a unique experience for us, different from anything we had tried so far. After having exited the water, we had no time to relax because we had to take our open water written test. Fortunately everybody passed. Now we had time to rest and take a salt-water shower while the chefs prepare the meal. Today we had Summer Thanksgiving made up by chicken, mashed potatoes and stuffing. After the typical squeeze question we ate a freshly made cake as well as having time to think back at everything we did today. Last but not least, we had a sail chat. To conclude, today was an intense day, full of first times, especially from the scuba diving side. It was definitely one of the best days of our trip, and the last in Virgin Gorda.