Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

We started the day with the infamous AQ breakfast burritos. They were a nice break from bagels, oatmeal, and the occasional thing of yogurt. As we finished up clean up, we were given a briefing of what we would do for the rest of the day. Rescue training had to continue with the recovery of an unresponsive diver in and out of the water. Underwater skills were fairly simple, involving a quick dive, testing our skills to get the unresponsive diver to the surface. The surface skills were the most difficult. From providing rescue breaths, taking off equipment, and just towing people around was very challenging. Some masks and weight belts fell to the bottom of GHP, but thankfully, they were all recovered. Although little to no problems arose as we finished fairly early on terms of this particular exercise. After we finished, we had until dinner to relax and chill: listen to music, eat, swim, play cards, water ski, or my personal favorite, nap. I slept in the sun for a good two hours listening to the sweet sound of the compressor pumping tanks. Currently, the crew and my shipmates are jamming to Bob Marley while making dinner. Distancing myself to write this, I am sitting in the power tower watching the sun go down, wondering what my friends and family back home are doing right now. Nonetheless, I am excited for the rest of our trip as sure as everyone else is. We are all having so much fun learning and bonding together. To end probably one of the longest blogs, I hey to my parents, Meg and Caitlyn, I miss you guys! Catalinaville out.