Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Time is flying by on Catalinaville. I cannot believer we’re at the halfway point! Our crew of rescue students are killing their coursework and practical assignments, and having an absolute blast doing so. Mary Kate and Chris led the group in a successful rescue exercise this afternoon, planning an executing a search for a missing diver. Nicole kept the crew focused and organized, while Natalie and Mara used a lift bag to surface our lost diver ( a kettle-bell). Kade and Jack went diving with a beautiful spotted eagle ray, while Gabi followed a turtle on our Rhone dive this morning Jeff and Morgan are navigating underwater like professionals, and Katherine and Hudson are doing an incredible job working on their search and recovery training dives. Hannah keeps the group laughing and impresses us with her ability at the helm, and Alexa has proven herself the master of mooring and anchoring the boat. Davis, Adam and I are so impressed with the teamwork and leadership displayed among the shipmates. Their dedication to diving and sailing is inspiring. These first ten days have been more fun than I could have ever imagined, and I cannot wait to watch the crew continue progressing as individual divers and as a team! Fair winds, from the crew of Catalinaville!