Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Hear aboard Rangitoto Too, our group has been developing into a truly salty crew! They’ve turned into excellent divers as well. Bruce has showed his awesome leadership by always keeping us on task and encouraging others. Meriel has showed off her insane diving skills by showing us all up on her perfect hovering safety stops. Reese learned all about hovering and safety stops while she completed her open water certification! We all celebrated with her and she has been inspiring us all with her passion and knowledge for marine creatures. Alina has used the beautiful Caribbean atmosphere as inspiration for her writing and has her head down in her journal any time she’s not in the water. Brandon has kept us all in stitches with his crazy antics and professional belly flops. Connor succeeded in converting everyone to southern sweet tea by buying and helping me make sweet tea for every body. Michael may have shown up a day late but he jumped right in the group. I’ve never seen a group get along so well so fast. Kealy’s never ending kindness has been the glue that’s held us all together more than once. The dynamic duo Gabby and Brooke are our constant source of smiles and are really making great strides as advanced divers. Carmela is our acting big sister figure and giving everyone tips on how a boat is run and helping others out with their knot tying. Another returning AQer, Ryan, has also been killing it on the helm and helped our skipper Matt out mooring today. We are all having more fun than we can handle and my fellow staff members and I cannot wait to see how this group will continue to grow as divers, sailors, and most importantly as a boat family.