Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was definitely a memorable day. To start the day Bruce made breakfast burritos, which were fabulous, and then him and Mariel mad the best lemon poppy seed muffins. Next we all went on “the Fearless” dive. It earned that name due the boat being names “the Fearless”. After the dive we sailed to GHP where we swam in the water. After swimming, everyone played cards. Then we ate grilled cheese. For the following three hours the whole crew and I hung out and chilled together. Bruce, the leader of the dive today, Michael, Ryan, and I dove together without an instructor. This meant we got to navigate ourselves from and back to the boat, which we succeeded with no problem. After the dive the crew played cards again. After cards we ate a Thanksgiving dinner thanks to Matt!, and following the dinner we had a “squeeze” in which everyone gave their favorite moments of the day, along with the happiest, and scariest moments of their lives. Also thanks to Bruce I am now able to wakeboard.