Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

What an incredible trip its been so far. We have been all over the south side of the BVIs, diving and sailing from West End to Peter Island, where we are right now. Our crew is really coming together as a team and has even decided on a Great White theme song (“Tropics” by Mantarybryn). The dolphins are well into their research projects and just today got to dissect a starfish. The Neptune’s have been diving like mad and just complete their advanced open water certification. Hannah has been teaching everyone dance moves to really keep our boat looking cool. Rebecca has been making sure to share her wealth of knowledge and passion for marine biology. Will and Doug are a dynamic duo in the water and have perfected their navigation skills. Sydnei is so fun to watch underwater because she is so excited about all the life she is seeing on these dives. Lydia and Elena are official dinghy captains and can drive our 15-horse power, tiller steer dinghy anywhere they dare to go (as long as it’s not to wild). Molly and Jackson are always thinking up jokes and games to keep the group smiling. So many jokes! Nate is really coming into his own as a diver and can always find the coolest stuff underwater. Braton is a calming force in the group and is always down to help out or learn something new. Balazs is so curios about everything. He is learning so much and is basically the second captain! Everyone brings so many unique qualities to our little community; it makes for such an interesting adventure. We are so looking forward to all the days to come, with more diving and sailing and shredding of the wakeboard, but most of all, we are enjoying this moment, our current moment, together onboard Great White, trying to soak everything we can out of each second learning and doing as much as we can while we are together. I couldn’t ask for a cooler, more interesting and truly interested crew if I tried. I, personally, am having a blast on this adventure and I can’t believe its already day 10! Here’s to another 10 days of magic together onboard Great White!