Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today I woke up in a hammock and delicious burritos were rained upon me. After breakfast, we headed straight into the water. The Dolphins did a research-training dive, in which they mapped the wreck, the Fearless. After the Dolphins got out of the water, they dissected a starfish while the Neptune‚Äôs were still diving. After being separated for what felt like was to much, we reconvened on the boat for scrumptious grilled cheese cooked by Taylor. After lunch, we jumped back into the water for a navigation dive. Although Sydnei and Hannah got a little lost, we all made it back to the boat for a fun swim. Over the past week, many of my shipmates have gotten stings from fire coral, and today was my turn! After our nap. We took showers and got dressed for dinner. Today’s dinner was a delectable Thanksgiving feast. Paul and Jess cane over for a nice visit. Now, we are preparing to watch Space Jam for movie night. I’m so excited! Can’t wait to share another awesome day with my shipmates!