Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today the crew woke up and got to eat a delicious and quick brecky of bagels and yogurt. Right after we had to get straight to cleaning up so that we could start our fifth rotation day. Our first rotation consisted of man overboard drills, which took a bit of time to get the hang of, but was mastered by the end of the two hours of practicing. Our dummy “Bob” was, thankfully, returned to the boat to hang around with the other fenders. Then the Vega divers had to take “the test!” Meanwhile, the advanced divers got to study for their sailing test at the end of the session and complete our homework. After another chill two hours and a successful test-taking period, we got to go to our sweet home and eat soup! Filling our bellies set us up for our dive. We saw a huge tarpon, a shrimp and plenty of fish. Jamie’s dive group was definitely bummed because the baby nurse shark from last night’s night dive was not to be seen again. The beginner divers though had the super exciting tie to descend on their first real dive. And as a relaxing end to the day, we got to learn how to tie monkey’s fist and Turk’s Head bracelets. Now we are home sweet home, showering, and doing a Hibiclens shower as well, and waiting for dinner, which consists of Thanksgiving dinner… and awaiting another long yet very informative sail chat. We get to go to port tomorrow!