Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

The boat awoke to a somewhat overcast morning, but a warm and beautiful morning nonetheless. The chefs of the day were already busy making pancakes, and though everyone was slow getting up we were all excited for our first open water dive. We took Stealth, our pet dinghy, over to the boat Wicked Good and geared up before diving. Our scuba master Jake led us along the bottom of the sea floor and by the end of the dive we were already excited for scuba diving to come. The next rotation was waterskiing and wakeboarding, which about half of us were successful at. It was a nice time to bask in the sun and snack on craisins while we were waiting for our turn. For lunch the chefs did another excellent job with grilled cheese, which were devoured instantly. Feeling satisfied, we moved onto Picoing, where David and I owned despite the lack of wind. We had two hours to Pico and because of the funky wind we spent the majority of the time swimming, jumping off the back of the boat, and listening to music. A great afternoon. Following that we had a lecture on sailing navigation, something I do not understand but realize it’s importance. We had an awesome conversation about navigation on the seas and the staff shared crazy stories about being on the sea that were inspiring. The end of the day was perhaps the yummiest yet. Dinner was Thanksgiving night, and I had no idea canned food could be so delicious- the chefs did another super job.