Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Today was quite the day, so much happened! We started the morning bright and early with a decadent breakfast of oatmeal and frosted flakes. Quickly after that, we hopped in boats and started to wakeboard. All morning was spent perfecting our watersports skills! We all went from falling on our faces the moment we tried to get up, to cruising all over seamlessly. After a tiresome morning, we settled down to a relaxed lunch of soup and saltines. Not long after that we reapplied sunscreen, slipped into rashguards, and went to complete our LAST TWO DIVES BEFORE CERTIFICATION!! My group saw lots of cool and beautiful things such as two lobsters, parrotfish, coral, and even a lionfish! About forty minutes after that we were certified! Yay! After that, we had a relaxing sail to Cane Garden Bay. Out of this whole amazing day, dinner stood out. We had rice with veggies and tofu/chicken with Thai peanut and coconut sauce, so good! The last thing for the day was a sail chat filled with diagrams, discussions, and knowledge reviews. Finally, we were all off to bed ready for another full and exciting day tomorrow.