Location: Marina Cay

Today’s voyage began at Mountain Point to the merry tunes of “You’re Welcome.” If the sirens sing that tune once more, I may lose sanity. The crew was quick to their stations to hoist the sails and move to Trellis Bay. Fueled by frosted wheat squares and green elixir, the crew worked tirelessly to take us into the nearest harbor. The landlubbers filled us with water before we shoved off to Marina Cay. My crew and I were quick to board the land and assist with the cleanup after the devastating clutch of Irma tightened around them. As I write this, my crew showers today’s hard work off. If tonight’s tortellini does not satiate their hunger, I fear I may lose my last leg. I’ll hold them off as long as possible… All is well in the ship… (Editor’s clarification: today the crew of Tropical Oasis participated in a community service project on the island of Marina Cay).