Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

It was another early morning for Tropical Oasis. At a ripe 5 am, the boat was sharply awoken by the blaring tunes of the morning CD. The exquisite divemasters scurried off to Under Pressure under the gorgeous sunrise to visit our dearest pal Nathan and stock up on filled tanks for the dives to come on such an incredible day. After returning from the squid filled adventure we were treated to a heaping breakfast burrito made by the wonderful, beautiful chefs. With the most important meal of the day in our tummy-wummies, we kitted up for the first dive of the day. The Vegas enjoyed their first breaths in the mysterious depths of the big blue sea. The divemasters led students, inspiring them to one day follow in their giant strides. A long day of teaching and diving was topped off with the most incredible fun dive through the sunken ship Kodiak Queen that lays deep in the abyss of the Caribbean. Starving and exhausted, yet filled with love and passion, the day was ended with a delicious Thanksgiving meal.