Location: Whitsunday Islands

Today, we got up around 8am in the morning, which doesn’t seem late but compared to other days, 8 was a treat. We started off the day by wandering a peninsula in the Whitsunday islands which was really gnarly because we were surrounded by water on all sides of the peninsula. While on the peninsula, we climbed over tonnes of rocks to see baby sharks, rays, and turtles… we were not fortunate enough to see such creatures but we did see about three hump back whales spurting water from their spouts while on their journey up North. Seeing the whales was definitely a highlight of the day, we had been wanting to see them the whole time we were in the Whitsundays. After everyone was back on the boat from the peninsula, we sailed back to Airlie beach. Once we docked the boat at Airlie beach we got to walk around town and shop for a bit. The town was really beachy and small but totally rad. We then spent one more night on the boat and had the best pizza ever for dinner. We ended the night by stargazing and spotted a few shooting stars.