Location: Whitsundays

Day six of Billabong was really fun. We woke up in the morning and motored over to White Haven Beach where we played beach soccer and drew stuff in the amazing white powder sand. We then went up to the lookout that showed you a breathtaking view of white and blue waters and beautiful mountains. On our way out of the lookout, we saw what seemed to be restroom stalls. Except when we got up to them to use them, they were all natural toilets. Now to use these toilets you go to the bathroom, and after your done, you pull a lever dropping your waste into a dark abyss. We made our way back to the beach, and I join into a game that seems to be pretty easy. The game aimed to name what you could bring on an imaginary picknick. So after many tries to find out what I could bring, we discovered the rule was that you had to say UM before everything that you said you wanted to bring. You weren’t allowed to bring a dog, but you could bring, um, a dog. That was a really fun game, and after that, we went and played soccer till we had to go catch the dingy. We played a game on the way back to see how many kicks we could get the soccer ball back to the pickup beach. After many attempts to get the ball over stairs and to keep it from falling off the track, the score ended up to be 63. When we got picked up, we put on our snorkel gear and went to Cateran Bay and saw all kinds of reefs and lots of colorful fish. After that full day we came back to the boat and picked up anchor to sail to Stone Haven on the way we tried looking for wails, but none showed up, but we got something even cooler, dolphins jumping up and down playing with the bow of the boat, it was such an amazing sight. When we got there, everyone was tired and hungry after an amazing stroganoff with rice cooked by our skipper Mal and his helping hand Andy. Everyone was full, but we still had one more thing to do; we did the dinner squeeze and a lifework session. So after that went to bed satisfied with another wonderful day.