Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Waking up with the rain, sleepers on the deck barreled through to the salon early in the morning. Mike came in to wake Nick up, inches away from his face. So, the morning set off with a jolt. We motored out to the Baths from our anchorage in Savannah Bay, exploring the historic and natural rock structures, diving into the ocean from them. Returning to Knot Guilty a couple of hours later, we showered and motored out to Spanishtown, where we ate, shopped, and socialized. Staying there until 2 pm, we then returned to the boat and set sail to Vixen Point. On the way, our boat very quickly heeled over, and with strong winds and even stronger crew members, we almost achieved a speed of ten knots. My arms were aching due to the pull of the wind on the sail. We drifted a while when reaching Vixen Point, waiting for our turn to join the raft of boats. When we finally stopped moving the chefs brought up the food, and we ate with Mike. It was very good, with veggie burgers, mashed potatoes, beans, and an excellent salad made by the inspired Katherine with the help of Andres. After dinner, Mike brought us to the salon for a deep, intellectual talk, wherein the middle of a serious moment, Seth broke the tension by saying that some men were “bro-ing out,” which made everybody there start laughing. It was a really good end to an amazing day with wonderful people. We are excited to go diving tomorrow with Jake!