Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

We started the day docked and rafted up with the rest of the fleet at Sydney’s Peace and Love. For breakfast, we ate delicious pancakes made by Jon and Sarah. During breakfast, we got a surprise visit from Mike, the director. Mike was curious to know how the shipmates’ bet with Nick the skipper had gone. The bet was that if Nick woke up without his crumpet horn, then he had to make us cookies and brownies. Thanks to some stealth by Jon, the shipmates won! After breakfast, we sailed around for several hours doing practical exams for our yachting certification. I feel pretty confident about my exam. However, I don’t know whether I passed or not. After the exams, we anchored at Sandy Spit, where some of the shipmates went on the beach for some R and R. When I was on shore I hung out with the other crew members and picked up a few neat rocks to give my little sister. For dinner, we had franks and beans. While the food was great, the highlight of the meal was when the first mate, Averill, ate an entire serving spoon of rice in one bite! Now everyone is cleaning up, and I am writing this blog. In a few minutes though we’ll all load up in the dinghy to go to the Lifeworks forum. Hopefully, it will be as cool as it normally is.