Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today was a special one; we woke up to the smells of french toast being made and the sweet melodies of Beyonce. Once breakfast was all cleaned up, we darted out of Savanna Bay and set our course for Anegada. Upon arrival we dropped anchor and hopped into ‘Lava’, our dinghy, for a picnic at the beach and a sandcastle or two but after we were back on the boat to head to Leverick. This was one of our most fun sails yet as we caught the wind and powered up the sails and found out the importance of securing everything to 40/40 as were we almost horizontal during the sail. Today has been a great day, but it is still far from over as we have the tunes from Heavy Beatz. I will end this blog here as we’re about to head to the beach.