Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today was the Vega’s first time diving! We started the day bright, and early around 6 am when we woke up to the music playing on the speaker. We ate yogurt and bagels for breakfast; then the Vegas took the dinghy to the beach to start preparing for our first open water dive. Meanwhile, the DMs went off to begin training. During our first dive, we Vegas learned how to do some basic skills like how our dive gear works, how to clear a flooded mask, and how to use our dive buddy’s alternate air source in case of emergency. After being in the water for a while, we all met back at the boat for lunch. We had tuna sandwiches and PB+Js. After lunch, we all had time to relax in the sunshine on the deck. Then it was time to do afternoon rotations. Us Vegas tried windsurfing for the first time. All of us managed to get up but found that it was difficult to sail upwind and turn. We chilled in the water for a while at the beach and also built an evil looking penguin-looking turtle in the sand. Our next rotation was water skiing. Us Vegas went on the dinghy, and all took a turn. A few of us got up, but most of us gave up cause we were too tired. While we were doing this, the DMs were doing skill rotations. We then came back to the boat and took ocean showers which surprisingly makes you feel clean. No, we’re getting ready for dinner. I can’t wait for another great day!