Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

I woke up today to the sound of the engines over the morning wake-up music, followed by the realization that we were underway and headed towards the Baths on Virgin Gorda. Once we arrived at the bay surrounding the beautiful, massive boulders, we quickly ate a breakfast of oatmeal and began to clean up as fast as possible so we could make our way to the beach the earliest we could. We were able to spend two fun-filled hours exploring the caves, jumping from rocks, and wading in the crystal blue waters. Almost as soon as we arrived back onto our boat, heavy rain started to pour down on us. However, because we were going to port today, we were all able to use our water supply to take fresh water showers, so the rain only offered a nice rinse off! After we all cleaned up, we arrived in Spanish Town, our first time coming to port this trip. There, we were allowed to call home, eat at a restaurant, and replenish our snack supply. After we were finished with our time on shore at Spanish Town, we got back on the boat and were soon underway to Mountain Point. Again, almost as if by cue, the rain started again for our sail. This time, however, the rain offered the perfect conditions for a nice group dance party on the trampoline. After the rain cleared up and the dancing stopped, we all set up our dive gear for our first-night dive that we were both nervous and excited for! Once our gear was set up and we finished a quick knowledge review for the Fish ID certification, we started getting ready for a nice dinner of beef stroganoff during a beautiful sunset over the ocean.