Location: Townsville

And the answer to this question is not quite as happy as we were on the sailboat with our captain, Mal, but still very excited as we ventured on to Townsville today. Mal’s famous words, “are we happy?” always brought a smile to all of our faces. We finally made it off the boat after an awesome sailing experience. A long bus ride and a dreary morning later we arrived in Townsville and made our way to the hostel. After settling in and enjoying a little lunch we headed out to Reef HQ, an aquarium where we could learn a bit about several aquatic species that we will be seeing in several days on our scuba diving excursion. In the aquarium we saw everything from bioluminescent fish to Cuddles, a giant lazy Nurse shark. The group also had the opportunity to get our hands on, literally, baby leopard sharks, sea cucumbers, and sea stars. For a great ending to our day we watched the local men’s rugby team, the Cowboys, take on the Tigers, a team from Sydney. Although we painted our faces to become the newest Cowboy pep squad, it was not enough to prevent them from suffering a loss to the Sydney Tigers. Overall it was an easy travel day packed with fun at the aquarium and heaps of cheering at the rugby game.