Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Even though I slept like a rock, the BBQ managed to cancel out my sleep. So basically, we were all still tired. Emma gave us permission to sleep in, however, most of us were up by 7:30. That, followed by some batches of oatmeal, we went our separate ways. The Carinas left to Sailing Curls to learn about underwater naturalist scuba diving, while the Vegas finished their last quiz before their big test. Afterwards, we left Prickly Pear Island to arrive at Leverick Bay. We all rushed to the supermarket to get our snacks and the rest of the time was spent telling our parents how much fun we are having. After we left port our shipmate Max led a perfect sail and jib raise, with no help from Emma! Nick P. continued the smooth sailing. First ones in at Mountain Point! I got the opportunity to lead the anchoring, which made me feel responsible as if those 23 tonnes were supported on my shoulders. Emma turned on the speakers and the dancing started. Matteo kept his great spirits flowing, which lightened the moods. Just remember, here in Portlandia, we like to dance.