Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

After we woke up we had cereal and it was great. We went to the beach and did many activities and games. We started off with volleyball and later on, we continued with an amazing exciting game of capture the flag. We went swimming in the ocean so we could cool down from all the sun. We went on an amazing new experience which was on little sailboats called Picos. After that, I tried windsurfing and it was an amazing experience, even though it was kind of hard at first but easier as we went. Then we had chicken salad sandwiches that were delicious. Then the Vega students had a coral conservation chat while the advanced divers went on their deep dive. We came back to the boat and went on Rhodes sailboats and we learned the different functions and how to maneuver the boats. Then we had to shower and get ready for the BBQ. We went to the BBQ and had a great dinner and dance time.