Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today we started off the day with a chill morning of sleeping in, bracelet making, and pancake cooking. We took up anchor around 10:30 and after a quick water refill, we were sailing our way to The Dogs for our second open water dive! Since we had a late breakfast, we went on our dive as soon as we got to The Dogs, before lunch. Today’s dive was the deepest so far at 40 feet. We swam through giant rock formations that were lined with an abundance of beautiful coral, fish, and some crabs. As we emerged from the rocks, my group saw a small reef shark about 10 feet away from us. We had talked about seeing sharks before but it was so exciting to see one for real! In my opinion, this is one of the best dives so far, but more is yet to come! After diving, we ate lunch and sailed to Muskmelon Bay, where we had some swim time before dinner. Overall today was a very relaxing yet exciting day and I can’t wait for one more week!