Location: West End

Over the past 20 days, the shipmates aboard Peeps Larou have undergone a complete transformation. Physically, we took a plunge and discovered the ocean’s depths, but metaphorically, each shipmate became an ambassador of the next generation that will, in the future, represent the oceans. Our family aboard Peeps and the greater AQ community has acted as a catalyst, helping each shipmate discover. While we tie up loose ends as our voyage concludes, we reflect upon our growth as a cohesive group and all the memorable experiences we shared. Sailing, taking saltwater showers, beach rendezvous, hiking, watersports, late nights on the trampoline and of course, diving were all group favorites. Living on our boat reconnected us to nature and reminded us of our respective significances. During our Lifeworks forums, we were reminded of our goals in life. Even seemingly insignificant tasks like washing down the boat after every meal built character and we learned how to work and have fun at the same time. Underwater, many other memories were forged. Seeing the reef sharks at The Playgrounds and Mario’s left unforgettable memories in our minds. Exploring shipwrecks at Wreck Alley, diving the Rhone and swimming through caves never ceased to amaze us with each new day. Each shipmate made at least 15 close friends on our voyage. As we all head our separate ways tomorrow, we will have a bittersweet departure. Luckily it’s not an indefinite goodbye but rather a “see you soon!”