Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today we had a pretty good day. We woke up and had scrambled eggs and muffins, we cleaned the dishes and went water skiing. Julia, Jonah, Anna and I were last. We got back and went scuba diving, we practiced skills, and we hung out on the boat before having lunch. Lunch was good, we had white bean soup with cheese, and it was pretty delicious. We went to man overboard and mooring drills afterward. We got back, and the open water divers had their final exam for scuba. Fingers crossed! We took our showers, and Mike joined us for dinner. We had Caesar salad and risotto, and it was really good. We are getting ready for our Lifeworks talk with Mike. The team and I have been talking about what AQ has done for us and what we feel we have taken from it. I felt like I would miss everyone that I had gotten the opportunity to hang out with or be instructed by, and I hope to get another chance next year. I’ll never forget this experience or the people I’ve met. I’ll miss you AQ!