Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

We woke up this morning with a full salon due to the rain last night. The sky was a grey mass of rolling clouds, forboding more inclement weather. In the morning we assisted Vega shipmates on navigation dives while the advanced divers (myself included) went on a deep dive to 75 feet. During the second rotation, the divemasters performed search and rescue drills, which consisted of Doug throwing weights into the water for the DMs to recover. Everyone was very ready for our lunch of Ramen noodles. The rain returned in the afternoon as the DMs continued to dive and the others learned how to make Turk’s Head bracelets and anklets. The sun came out later for a few hours but vanished again as we sailed into Cane Garden Bay and had peanut pad Thai for dinner. Soon the DMs will have their dive chat. We’re all eagerly anticipating our hike up Mt. Sage tomorrow, along with Sydney’s Peace and Love tomorrow night.