Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

After our sleep after the BBQ at Mountain Point, we woke up to a fine breakfast of bagels and yogurt. We then set out on a voyage to Great Harbor, Peter Island. On this long voyage, we spent our time either finishing up the remaining chapters in our dive books or napping. When we arrived at GHP, we sprung up to set up our diving equipment for our last search and recovery dive. Some people from Pure Joy boarded our boat and joined us for the dive as well. After our final search, we got out of the water to take apart our gear and almost immediately jumped back in the water to have some fun swimming under the sun. This went one until it was time for our new friends to return to the boat. We then had a large amount of free time in which I found the opportunity to play a game of cards with my shipmates. Meanwhile, the chefs for the day went on cooking a wonderful Mexican dinner. We as the crew of this boat have become such strong friends with an extraordinary bond, even though we have only known each other for 8 days. We have all grown in character and are now more of a family than a bunch of people who happen to be on the same boat.