Location: BVI

The eighteenth day started when our longest passage to the BVI started at about 3 in the afternoon and continued for over 100 miles and throughout all of the night. Throughtout our passage we sang and played games and were attacked by evil fish. For the first time in the entire trip we actually arrived alongside Annie Daydreaming only losing by a few minutes. The next day we were awoken early for a breakfast of cereal at the island known as the Baths, named after its history of being a bathing ground for slaves after the long voyage across the Atlantic. After cleaning the boat we headed to one of the sites the slaves were cleaned at and the most spiritual among us brought shampoo and bathed alongside the slaves of old. After that we got up and left. After five minutes of sailing we arrived at a nearby island for scuba diving and lunch. During scuba diving we swam through the aperture where the boat’s propeller span which was pretty large. Finally we ended the day with our usual meal of pancakes and syrup. date:Jul 25, 2017