Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today we woke up to go and dive the Rhone, but when we got to the dive site, there was a huge storm, so we were unable to dive. Instead of diving, we all went to Road Town, which is the capital city of the BVI. We got to talk around and have lunch there. After we got back to the boat and motored over to Great Harbor and we got our last chance to ski and wakeboard. But while our boat was doing that, I made up a dive so I could get certified. Although there wasn’t much down there, the dive was still fun because I got to play war underwater with Liz. When I got back it was shower time then dinner time, after dinner we made a cake for our sister boat, Joie de Vivre II’s skipper Craig, for his 27th birthday. He came over to our boat, and we all sang to him and ate the yummy cake. After all of that was done I laid out looking at the stars with Natalie. Then it was lights out, and I tried to sleep in the cockpit, but it started to pour, so our whole boat tried to sleep in the salon, which was a great end to an exciting day.