Location: West End, Tortola

When our cab first pulled up to the dock area, I was immediately mesmerized by the clearness of the water and the amount of smiling AQ shipmates walking back towards their respective boats from checking in, taking their swim tests, and just exploring. Just the mountain scenery around the dock and shops are beautiful. Despite our full boat of 15 crew members, only three of the flights came in late, so we started dinner and going over all the rules before everyone was already here. We ate a scrumptious dinner of tortellini, salad, and garlic bread and then went out for chocolate milkshakes with black pepper sprinkled on top. I daringly tasted mine first and realized not only had I see some of the most beautiful places, but I had also tasted the best milkshake ever! The first day also consisted of handing over our prized cell phones and passing our swim tests. During the swim test we swam and talked and bonded a lot, and when Andrew, Emily, and Tessa arrived later, we all bonded immediately. In my opinion, we have the best staff members, crewmates, and will have an extremely memorable time. Thanks for sending me here mom! I feel like I have inherited 12 brothers and sisters and three older siblings. The entire night was amazing, and we can’t wait to go to the other islands!