Written by Shaun Swartz

Ever wondered what exactly ocean explorers and marine biologists do all day?

Dive into three of our favorite TED talks from ocean explorers and marine biologists below! From diving to the ocean depths to documenting the bizarre creatures that live there, marine biologists have the coolest jobs around (in our unbiased opinion). Click on the videos below to watch some amazing Ted Talks on marine biology.

Thomas Peschak – Dive Into an Ocean Photographer’s World

“Somersaulting manta rays, dashing dolphins, swarming schools of fish and munching sharks inhabit a world beneath the ocean’s surface that few get a chance to see. Conservation photographer Thomas Peschak visits incredible seascapes around the world, and his photos reveal these hidden ecosystems. ‘You can’t love something and become a champion for it if you don’t know it exists,’ he says. Join Peschak in a new, immersive TED Talk format as he shares his stunning work and his dream for a future of respectful coexistence with the ocean.

Tierney Thys – Swim With the Giant Sunfish

Marine biologist Tierney Thys asks us to step into the water to visit the world of the Mola mola, or giant ocean sunfish. Basking, eating jellyfish and getting massages, this behemoth offers clues to life in the open sea.

Mike deGruy – Hooked By An Octopus

Underwater filmmaker Mike deGruy has spent decades looking intimately at the ocean. A consummate storyteller, he takes the stage at Mission Blue to share his awe and excitement — and his fears — about the blue heart of our planet.