Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today we started off the day by getting ready to sleep in late. We all got the boat ready to go and we had oatmeal for breakfast. After breakfast, we double checked to make sure the boat was 40/40 and that we were 100% ready to take off. We motored around a mile or so to port and ate lunch. After lunch, we assigned each other groups to get different snacks. I enjoyed being at port because I was able to listen to music on my phone. After we got back on the boat we made sure that everything was ready to go and launched. Once we motored out of Gorda Sound we raised sail and headed downwind. After around 20 minutes we raised the headsail. At this point, we were sailing on a beam reach and we were traveling around 4-6 knots. Eventually, we went on a dead run and got to go wing on wing. Wing on wing is when you are making a dead run downwind and you switch the headsail to the opposite side as the main. This causes the sails to catch more wind and pull the boat faster. At this point, we were traveling around 8 knots. We sailed over to a quiet little bay and set anchor. After we anchored we all took showers and had Mexican food for dinner. Later in the night, we all talked about our lives and the important things in them/how we think we should live our lives. Later we went to bed.