Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today we started the day with a sail through the Sir Francis Drake Channel, destination: Savanna Bay. We all got to learn our way around the boat. Of course the view the entire sail was gorgeous! Only a little rain intruded, but it’s definitely looking like there is more coming for the night. Roxy gave us our first intro into the scuba world by teaching us about our gear. We are all so pumped to get in the water tomorrow! We had sloppy joes for dinner. Not going to lie, the squeeze question kind of rocked! But one of the best parts of the night was seeing the expression on Sean’s face when he lost half of the spoon while tossing mashed potatoes overboard. It was even funnier that he actually found it right away free diving. Since Pim is from England we have been questioning him about his lingo and accent. We decided we are all going to wake up on a random day and speak with a British accent and not tell him. Now it’s about time for our first dive chat!