Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

This morning we were back at Muskmelon Bay where we had a full day of rotations. The advanced divers did two dives today, a deep dive followed by a fun dive. For the fun dive, we were able to plan our dive, where we came up with our max depth, time, and plan. The open water students completed their certification with open water dives 3 and 4. They saw lobsters, lionfish, stingrays, and eels. Ellie, Alexa, and Sonya are very excited to be certified divers. I am also excited to be an advanced diver. After diving, we went wakeboarding and kneeboarding and also learned about the ship’s systems and how they work. After rotations, we went to Cane Garden Bay. We dropped two anchors, took fresh water showers, and prepped the boat for our visitor Mike. Mike is the director of ActionQuest, and he came over for dinner tonight to hang out with us and play a card game. Mike brought over a stack of postcards, and he asked us questions about ourselves. It was nice to find out what people thought of themselves. Now to the dish team is doing the dishes and we are getting ready for our sail chat tonight. We are all very excited for tomorrow’s hike/port day. Today was packed full of activities, and everyone had a great time.