Location: Ville Franche, France

The morning started at 7, with watch team one waking to raise anchor and get the boat underway from Cannes. Within approximately two hours we were anchored at our destination, Antibes. We all had the option of going to the shore. However, some, including myself, decided to stay back and rest ourselves. Lunch was served as those who had gone ashore returned, and a delightful lunch it was. With the water as clear as an azure sky on the deepest of summer days, most of the crew chose to go swimming off the hull of Argo. We jumped off the bow as well as the sides, doing tricks and dives, passing the time. After swimming, we soaped up and rinsed in fresh water, our daily shower, and laid out in the sun to dry. Going below deck, the crew hung out, some reading, others talking, and the rest playing games such as cards or chess. Within another hour, dinner had been prepared and was being served. After dinner and a squeeze question of, “If you could talk to any person, living or dead, who would it be?”, we set off and are currently on our way to Ville Franche, I can already tell that the crew will enjoy it.