Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was a great day! We started the day off with oatmeal and cereal. Yum! Then off for a dive to start learning how to be an underwater naturalist. Next we ate some lunch (mac and cheese) then off for a second underwater naturalist dive. Once everyone was back on the boat and gear was put up we set out to sail to Great Harbor, Peter Island, the trip took 2 hours. With everybody listening to music and learning two chapters in our Adventures in Diving manual time just flew. Everyone had cheddar broccoli for dinner (thank you Becca!). Well that has been our day. Oh yeah, we saw a turtle it was so cute living in its own habitat. Later on tonight all dive side people are coming to our “house.” Fun fun! We all like to look at the stars and everyone bonds at night. This is the best boat, the people, staff, and the boat itself. I love you all.