Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was a busy day, full of dives and activities. Right after breakfast, the Dolphins left for Slow Motion, and the Neptunes went to Changes In Latitude. The Dolphins began their day with their first research dive in Great Harbor Peter. We recorded the organisms in two quadrants and did a point intercept survey. Then, we did our first dissection of a starfish. Each buddy pair worked on their starfish and examined the water vascular system of the creatures. Then, we went turtle tagging. We saw three turtles but were unsuccessful in catching any. Over on Changes, the Neptunes did wreck dive two on the Rhone. They saw three sharks and a turtle! Then, they motored back to Great Harbor Peter, where they snorkeled a dive site. Next, the Neptunes if boat dive #2, guiding themselves for the first time. After a long day apart, the crew of Entertainer was reunited, just in time for a summertime Thanksgiving dinner. Overall, we had a full and exciting day!