Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

As eloquently recollected by my competent and able shipmate Caroline, “today felt like a dream bro”. I was awoken by Anna at 7:15 reminding me that I as the skipper for the second time this trip, also very alarmed at the surprising rate time seems to pass while on this boat. I honestly cannot imagine leaving “the boys” or anyone else i in a week. After the classic oatmeal breakfast, we sailed out of our anchorage for Cane Garden Bay. While at the helm we saw a storm approaching us on the horizon. It rapidly approached while we were out in open water, and of course, we refused to grab our rain jackets. So, we huddled in the cockpit, soaking wet, when people started singing the best campfire songs. This carried on until the “drops stopped dropping and the storm started stopping” (Dr. Seuss). We sailed into port to refuel and anchor for the night and immediately noted dolphins playing at the bow of another boat as the most beautiful sunset of the whole trip unfolded. I’m sure pictures will be posted, but believe me: it was pretty sick. The day wound down with a shower and a chill meeting. T’was a great day, great people, great surroundings, all around 10/10. Stay up, stay humble. Oh yeah.