Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was a very fun and eventful Sunday! We started the day off early. We all enjoyed a very delicious breakfast that consisted of instant oatmeal, yum! We then got into our PFD’s and got ready to leave GHP for the day. As we motored down to Salt Island, everyone enjoyed a little post-breakfast nap. Once we arrived, we did a quick clean up and began to set up our dive gear. Then, our two diving groups splashed into the water to see the RMS Rhone. During our dive, we saw a shark, seven stingrays, a turtle, a lobster, and many more aquatic animals. After our dive, we motored to the leeward side of Salt Island and joined the dive side boats for a scenic hike. We additionally took a moment to commemorate the people who lost their lives during the wreck. We shared some good laughs while getting on/off dinghies to the island (the boardwalk is no longer there due to hurricane Irma). We then sailed back to GHP with the other dive boats and scarfed down some bean soup for lunch. All of the shipmates then had a blast snorkeling over tonights dive site. We also saw a stingray ray, turtle, and Jason claims to have spotted a nurse shark. All the girls and boys learned to properly drive a dingy, and we even experienced some surprise man-over-board drills. After our afternoon adventures, we prepared a scrumptious dinner of chicken Cesar salad and risotto. Now, everyone is currently preparing for our night dive and cleaning up our mess from dinner. I’m excited to finish the night with a squeeze and a night dive!