Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today all of the Maggie B. shipmates woke up to a fast preparation of the boat for our voyage from Peter Island to Salt Island. For breakfast we had oatmeal underway, which means we had breakfast while we were sailing. Once we anchored we cleaned up the breakfast. All of us have jobs, such as salt water washer, cook, deckie, and skipper, which I am today. After the cleaning of the boat we hopped into a dinghy and motored to Salt Island. Once we got there we went hiking around the salt ponds and up the mountains on the island. On the way back we passed by the Rhone graveyard, where the dead members of the Rhone ship which crashed and sank next to the island in the 1800s. The family that inhabited the island buried the dead that washed up and helped save the surviving crew members. The Queen was very grateful and gave them the island, on the condition that they pay a pound of salt from the salt pond each year. When we got back to the boat we had PB+J and deli sandwiches. After lunch the divers went for a final dive; the Rhone shipwreck. It was an amazing dive, my favorite of the trip. Since then ship blew up it was all in pieces, but there was one porthole which still had glass in it and we each got to rub it for good luck. The propeller of the ship was ginormous. Each blade was about the size of how far you could stretch your arms apart. I swam through it, which was fascinating, but sad. Many passengers of the ship died, which gave me that creepy feeling when I was down there. We didn’t just see a shipwreck when we were down there, we also saw many fish and even a spotted eagle ray. Oliver saw and swam with a turtle. We motored to Peter Island after the dive, and tonight we are having summertime thanksgiving. We are also taking our sailing test tonight, wish us luck!