Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

Today was the first time we dove in about three days. Everyone was still pretty sore from the hike yesterday, so things moved a little slower than average. This morning there was a staff meeting, so we ate French toast and cleaned up breakfast by ourselves. Since we were on the raft from the barbecue, we were talking to the people on the boat next to us. When the staff got back, we left to refill water, because we had run out that morning. However we got to the dock, they were closed, so we returned to Cane Garden Bay to refill. After that, we ate lunch and set up our scuba gear on the way to our dive site. The first dive was a navigation dive, so we stayed pretty close to the boat. We had to swim in a square with our buddy and return to the starting point. When we finished that, we had time to explore the area around the boat. When the dive ended, we returned to the boat and changed our tanks for the second dive. We set up our kits and loaded them into Great White, the dinghy we were taking to the dive site. The site is called “The Playgrounds” because it is where lots of different fish and animals congregate.
At the beginning of the dive, we also saw a big school of tarpon feeding on baitfish. We also saw a lobster. A few minutes later in the dive, we saw a lionfish and a queen parrotfish in the same spot, which was pretty amazing. Then almost directly after, we saw a shark. It was swimming pretty close to us and turned out to be a grey reef shark. When the dive ended, we were all super happy we saw a shark. When we took out kits apart, we all went to the beach with the rest of the boats. We found the people we were talking to this morning and spent some time with them. After that, we ate dinner and showered. Then we got to do Lifeworks. It was about our life goals and what we wanted to be in life. When we finished, we got a shuttle home, and now we are getting ready for bed.