Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today was a super duper chill day. We started our morning off by waking up at the normal time (7 AM HELP) but the morning was a special one. Griff, Megan, and Sierra left the boat to ourselves while they were at a staff meeting. We made pancakes and dunked them into some yummy maple syrup. Clean up actually went pretty well to be honest (you never know what the Squeakybrat fam is up to). After all this we headed to Erocibar to do our first open water dive it actually was soooo much better than the confined water dives, you can actually see your buddies and see underwater animals. When scuba was over we had some pretty decent quesadillas for lunch. We then headed back to the boat, we set up the boom swing, and we had the privilege to backflip off the dinghy. Mike the director came over and showed us some crazy tricks of his of his dinghy. Shower time happened, it’s always an eventful part of the day. For dinner, we had chili and rice again, pretty good stuff. Now we’re off to another Lifeworks chat. That’s it for today!