Location: Sidney's, Jost van Dyke

This morning the crew woke up at the crack of dawn with the sight of Sage Mountain towering over them. The longest day of ActionQuest had begun. At breakfast we prepared for the hike by filling up our water bottles, getting our shoes on, and packing our backpacks. After breakfast, we hopped in our dinghy, Toothless, and headed for the dock at the base of the hike. Once all of the boats were at the dock Mike quickly briefed us and then we started the 3 1/2 mile climb. The base of the trail is what some people call this spirit breaker, and as you can guess, it’s tough. For almost a mile we climbed this part of the road and it seems to be a 90 degree of rock climbing. Some people stopped here but luckily all of Bella made it. After the first leg, the journey becomes easier with fewer hills as we weave through the forest and mountain tops. After a while, we arrived at the base of Mount Sage National Park, which means that we were almost there. From here until the top the track is rocky and muddy, but once we get to the top the view makes the climb worth it all. After taking some pictures we started to head all the way back down with our sore feet and aching legs. At the bottom, we walked into town, and as Jimmy Buffett once said, we had a cheeseburger in paradise. After walking around for a little bit we got back on the boat and headed to Sandy Cay, a small sandy island that looks exactly what you would imagine when thinking about the Caribbean. Here we jumped into the crystal-clear water and then had a program wide sandcastle competition, where we made a large hammerhead eating the unsuspecting Thomas. After this, we showered off the boat while playing football and then motored over to Sidney’s, where we are now and are putting our nice clothes on and getting ready for the barbecue. Although today is considered the longest day of the trip, it has been a fun filled day and it isn’t even over.