Location: West End, Tortola

Today was a very exciting day, first, we woke up bright and early and had a breakfast consisting of cereal. Then Gabe and I went to the skipper’s meeting to see the course for the race and draw numbers for the lineup. “Sans Sushi” was number 4 and once we got back we went straight into race mode and prepared the ship for racing! Once we got our mainsail up and headed out to the racing line the countdown began. As soon as we heard “go! go! go!” the race was on. We had a great start and kept up with the rest of the fleet, but once we reached the buoy and tried to tack we fell behind. Everyone did amazing on everything and we all felt really good about how we did! Once we finished the race we turned around and headed back to West End. This is where we first started out and where our story will end. Tonight will be the final BBQ and everyone will say their final goodbyes.