Location: Sandy Spit

We woke up at 7:30 and had oatmeal and cereal. We then quickly prepared the boat and sailed off to Brewer’s Bay where we dove our third search and recovery dive. It was a really easy dive as we did a jack-stay pattern in two groups of 3 and 4. Visibility was magnificent as always and our target was easily located. After that we surfaced, broke down our gear and waited for lunch to be served. However a rescue scenario popped up as 2 of our staff members were “in danger after hunting for treasure in a cursed cave.” The scenario went very well and we had a great lunch of sandwiches and tortilla soup. After that we did a 30 minute dive at 70 feet at Shark Point. After we motored to Sandy Spit and then had a beach BBQ and bonfire. Later we did a trust falls, me and Patrick lifted the girls and Matt preformed the Mr. Wiggles.