Location: West End, Tortola

We started the day with an intense sailing race. We were the fastest boat for the second race in a row! We all celebrated, feeling as if we had won for America on this patriotic holiday. After we finished our race, we started to clean the boat, which had been our home sweet home for three weeks. We worked diligently, and we’re proud of our finished product, which would be passed on to the next group of lucky sailors. Everything was sparkling clean! A little while later, we headed to our final AQ BBQ- it was bittersweet knowing that this would be the last time we would party as Break Away’s this year. We smiled together, laughed together, and grew together. We head to bed with hesitance and genuine sadness, anticipating our day of travel ahead. These past three weeks have been a whirlwind. We appreciated every moment of sailing, diving, skiing, snorkeling, hiking, swimming, and exploring. But what we appreciated the most was the friendships we have made. These everlasting bonds of friendship and memories will forever be engraved in our hearts and souls. These friendships will last us a lifetime. We know that if we ever need anything, we can lean on our friends to get us through. This experience was amazing and forever memorable. This was an experience that was truly one in a million. Goodbye AQ, and see you hopefully next summer.