Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today we finally left the dock on the way for our adventure. I was the first to drive the boat. It was really fun, and I had done it before because my uncle has a boat and lets me drive it when I see him. It’s pretty straight forward. It was pretty long but still fun. Some people sat on the deck chilling out while Preston and Henrique and I were on the bow hanging on the ropes and when we would go over a bump, it would make you fly up. After we got to our place we were sailing to, we ate lunch and the seagulls there were attacking our sandwiches. Then we got ready to go to the beach. When we got to Savannah Bay, we saw the beach, it was so white and gorgeous it looked like heaven on earth. On the boat, we took our first scuba lesson and learned about what everything was, like the octopus, which is the scuba regulator for your body. It was an awesome day.